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Worm finished in November of 2013.  A polished version is in the works for print/ebook release.  Readers may also enjoy Wildbow’s other stories Pact and Twig, both complete.

The sequel is underway.  The teaser (post-Worm-epilogue, semi-prologue, not mandatory reading) chapters to Parahumans 2 can be found starting here and arc 1, chapter 1 of the story starts here.


An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local ‘cape’ scene’s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals. As she risks life and limb, Taylor faces the dilemma of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons.

The story, titled Worm, takes the form of a web serial, posted in bite-sized reads in much the same way that authors such as Mark Twain would release their works one chapter at a time in the days before full-fledged novels.  Worm started in June 2011, updating twice a week, and finished in late November, 2013.  It totals roughly 1,680,000 words; roughly 26 typical novels in length (or 10-11 very thick novels).  The story updated on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with bonus chapters appearing on the occasional Thursday, as explained below.

The actual work is divided into a number of story arcs, each containing five to sixteen individual chapters.  Interludes (side stories) are inserted between each story arc to showcase events from different perspectives or provide some background information that the reader wouldn’t get from Taylor’s point of view.  Further interludes were released as bonus content when the audience reached specific donation goals, but these were found to distract from the core story (with a good reception, but still) and were paced out more in favor of additional main-story chapters.

Readers should be cautioned that Worm is fairly dark as fiction goes, and it gets far darker as the story progresses.  Morality isn’t black and white, Taylor and her acquaintances aren’t invincible, the heroes aren’t winning the war between right and wrong, and superpowers haven’t necessarily affected society for the better.  Just the opposite on every count, really.  Even on a more fundamental level, Taylor’s day to day life is unhappy, with her clinging to the end of her rope from the story’s outset.  The denizens of the Wormverse (as readers have termed it) don’t pull punches, and I try to avoid doing so myself, as a writer.  There’s graphic language, descriptions of violence and sex does happen (albeit offscreen).  It would be easier to note the trigger warnings that don’t apply than all the ones that do.

All in all, this probably isn’t a story for the sensitive or the young.  I’d peg it with a PG-18 rating, but I think we all know that there’s kids who can handle that sort of thing and there’s adults who can’t.  Use your best judgement and ask in the comments below if you’re still unsure.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, you can begin reading Taylor’s story here.  Enjoy.

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  1. You really need a table of contents. I started reading this story before, but now I’ve no idea how to find where I was, or even the latest entry.

  2. I’m curious. Is there any chance of this coming in an ebook format? I generally dislike reading anything extended on a monitor.

    • Considering either working with 1889 labs if they’re willing (which would mean the whole editing/production process would only start in 2013 at the earliest) or self-publishing (which might fit that same timetable).

      Short answer: Yes.
      Long answer: Yes, but it’ll probably be a little while.

      • i also dont like reading books on pc so i went through every chapter. copied them into ritch text format and then converted them to epub file but it had the down side of me missing a few chapter here and there by mistake. so now im constantly having to check the website to see if i missed a chapter or its just a timeskip. if you could make just a rough epub file for each arc and add it as a donating incetive till you get a proper published version that would be realy nice.

          • Hi, it’s 2014. Any updates?

            I’d really like to read your story, but it’s very, very cumbersome in its current format for a variety of reasons I’m sure you’ve been told a hundred times over. I’m willing to buy the ebook.

            • Same… I wouldn’t mind having to pay for an ebook. Or even if you had it divided into sections, to buy a section of it or two for when I don’t have access to my laptop.

              • I did make an “easy to read” version of this by downloading all the pages and removing everything other than the text of the book. Happy to share it with individual readers (unless wildbow will object, which he has, numerous times).

              • sam watkins
                did wildbow object? if not can i have the easy to read version? it would make my life so much easier.

        • For people who don’t like to read on a monitor : if you have an ereader, you can use Pocket to read this serial on your reader. I did it on my Kobo, and it reads just like a regular epub file !

    • I believe that you can turn it into an e book on edge. You go to the arc you are on, then click something that looks like a book in the address bar.

  3. Hi, I’m looking at web serials as part of my Master’s thesis and want to compare other people’s experience with mine. I was wondering if you would be willing to ‘talk’ with me further about this? Thanks.

    • Not a problem. You can email me at wildbowpig (at) gmail com or reach me on google talk at the same address. I frequently afk from my computer, so please don’t be offended if I’m late in replying to an IM.

  4. [ Her first attempt*s* at taking down a supervillain *to see* her mistaken for one, and things snowball from there.]

    Not singular, as in “first attempt”? In any case, the “to” is out of place. A bit jarring to see an error here, when I have yet to spot one in the story. Kudos to you – and editors/proofreaders, if any, very impressive.

      • Agreed. I’ve been meaning to post a comment on here saying that “snowball” doesn’t begin to cover it. Though that what proceed to happen was so understated was actually really funny.

  5. Discovered your story last week and I have spent every spare moment reading it (I’m already on 11e). I have referred it to at least 10 other people as well. I’ve got to tell you, I have teared up, cursed at the monitor, let go of a lung full of air in relief of a tense moment…point being, you are fucking talented. I can’t remember the last time a story has captivated my emotions like this.

    I wanted to talk to you about something but I am having a hard time finding your email address on here. Is there a contacts page that I’m not seeing? Anyway; if you could indulge me a bit of your time, I would like to talk to you via email of an idea I think you may like.

    Seriously, this is an excellent story; very well written. I would even volunteer to format and edit your work to make a good .pdf for everyone that desires it. We can talk about this and other stuff in the email.

    Thank you for your time,


  6. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I think your story is amazing, and I’ve referred it to as many people as possible. Out of curiosity, have you considered getting it published or otherwise finding broader distribution? I feel like more people should know about this!

    (By the way, I found your story via Eliezer Yudkowsky, the author of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, who gave it a plug in his latest blog update).

  7. There are few authors in the at least 500ish or so in my library, who can draw a surprised chuckle, (or maybe guffaw is better term) from me, Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Lois McMaster Bujold, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Robert A Wilson, Neal Stephenson, John Ringo & now John McCrae

    If that is the authors name anyway=)

    From someone who has read a book a day from the age of 9 to approx 5 years ago, having mostly switched to E-texts, (which are harder to keep track of=), you are a wonderful writer.

    Not just the story itself, which is great, (I’m at to 13.1), but your product is remarkably clean, I think I’ve spotted 2 typos & one glitched name. That’s better than some of the PRINT books I’ve read, from big publishing houses, printing books for established name authors.

    That you don’t sell this in kindle format on Amazon only makes sense to me if you are somehow allergic to money! I’d gladly spend a couple of bucks an arc, just to avoid the hassle of creating the mobi files so I can read from my phone

    Besides, the more time not spent working at other jobs, the more time you’ll have to write, a win win solution for everybody=)
    Assuming you’re not already filthy rich

    I’d do more meta info research but I have 13.1 calling so I’m going back to reading now
    you rock=)

    ps it was because of assault=)

    • The ebook thing is going to come later. Takes time to edit and format, and there’s a lot to edit and format.

      Thanks for your kind words, murphaticlaw.

  8. Just wondering if there was like a glossary of the terms used in Worm anywhere? I stopped reading, wanting to let the serial have a few more arcs before I carried on, but have found I’m struggling to remember some of the meanings of organisations, classifications etc.

    • I second this, especially with the classifications. I’m assuming the following based on Weld’s rhyme in the beginning of Sentinal.

      Mover Those who have movement powers (includes flying/teleporting/tech)
      Shaker Reality warping?
      Brute Those who are unnaturally strong and tough. (mentioned in Sentinal 1)
      Breaker Those who can nullify or modify laws of physics (mentioned in Flachette’s interlude)

      Master Can affect people’s minds, emotions, or control?
      Tinker Supernaturally skilled in a branch of science.
      Blaster Can create blasts of energy (typically at a range).
      Thinker Enhanced mental prowess or supernatural information gathering.

      Striker Those with powerful, one-hit attacks (ie Clockblocker)
      Changer Can change their shape to some extent
      Trump ??
      Stranger Unknown or uncategorized?

      I don’t think Trump has even been mentioned as far as I am. (I’m trying to minimize spoilers as well).

      • Aha! I stumbled across the wiki and it has a full breakdown.

        To help avoid spoilers, I’m putting the blurbs here:

        Mover – Capes whose powers let them move great distances at a time. These categoy include flyers, teleporters and speedsters.

        Shaker – It’s currently unknown what being a shaker entails. Evidence suggests it involves affecting their surroundings. Most wide-area-effect, forcefield and spacetime manipulation powers fall under the Shaker classification.

        Brute – Those under the ‘brute’ label are unnaturally tough and strong.

        Breaker – Generally those who had some ability to ‘break’ the natural laws of the universe as far as those laws applied to them. This is frequently a side effect of powers to prevent them from harming their owners.

        Master – A cape whose powers let them control others or create minions (be they humans, parahumans, animals or specific objects).

        Tinker – Covers anyone with powers that give them an advanced grasp of science. Lets them make technology years ahead of its time. Most Tinkers have a specialty or a special trick. Something they’re particularly good at or something that they can do, which other Tinkers can’t.

        Blaster – A cape with a ranged attack.

        Thinker – No exact definition is known, but it is likely to be a cape who has powers relating to planning, information acquisition and, in some cases, narrow cognitive enhancement.

        Striker – A cape with the ability to apply some effect by touch or at point-blank range.

        Changer/Shifter – Those who can change their shape to some extent.

        Trump – Entails being able to change their powers based on specific circumstances, adapt their powers to different situations or act directly on the abilities of other parahumans whether to copy, borrow or nullify.

        Stranger – The term “Stranger” refers to parahumans whose abilities can be used for stealthy action and/or impact the mind to prevent a specific reaction.

  9. I was kinda doing some advertising to all my friends ;), and two of them complained about the black on white text.
    Is there some way to invert the display style, or can you add some inverted page style?

  10. As someone that found the Story just recently I want you to know that I enjoyed every bit off it and look forward to whatever you are writing next.

  11. Super-enjoyable, and planning on sharing it with others.

    Possible spoiler? If this were a movie, I’d hope to see Christian Slater as Jack Slash. Specifically the ‘Heathers’-era Slater.

  12. Hey Wildbow, Worm is the greatest web serial I have read, and I think it is on par if not better than popular novels like the wheel of time. Started reading Pact recently and am looking forward to more.

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions for other web serials that I can read while I wait for more, as I’ve seen some of your reviews in Top Web Fiction and really appreciate them.

  13. I enjoyed Chapter 1 (or Book 1) immensely several months ago, and allowed my life to resume when I came to the first Interlude. This week, I started reading again, and I am just beginning to read Book 8.

    I would like to stress that this is by FAR the best fiction I have ever read on the internet (and I have read both “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” AND “Harry Potter and the Natural 20”), and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. And now comes the part where I feel compelled to tell you your business. Please accept my apologies in advance.

    Approximately 95%* of the time that the character string “and I” appears in the text, you would be doing less offense to the language were you to replace it with the character string “and me.” I recognize that I’m probably five months late with this information, but if your plans for the story have any room for you to make edits and alterations, the grammar-nazi who lives in my brain would be intensely grateful for your attention to this one.

    However you take this spot of input, please once again accept my gratitude for the fact that you have gifted this work of literature to the internet-reading public. As someone posted above, “You deserve ALL the money!” Let me assure you that should the opportunity arise for you to monetize this work, you will definitely have a customer in me.

    • Heh. Just remembered that I put an non-annotated asterisk in that post, and that will never do.

      * A totally off-the-top-of-my-head number, but I would be astonished were an audit to show it to be off by more than, say, 15%.

    • Glad you mentioned it. I am not a native speaker and was really puzzled with all thouse “between you and I” and alike. Apart from this the language seems to be quite sophisticated, so I wondered if there is some norm I just do not understand.

      Wildbow, greate pice of writing. I am on 70% precent now and it only gets better.

  14. I’ve just started my own web fiction – so I was pleased to read one of your articles explaining what Reddit is on http://www.webfictionguide.com, which was how I found out about your site. Wow – you have been doing this for a long time! This site is a great example of what can be done with the form. I’ll definitely have to add some extra things to my site at http://www.journaloftheliving.wordpress.com based on how you’ve already done it. 🙂

  15. After reading a few chapters (which I enjoyed immensely!), I noticed that the only way to move from one chapter to the next is by clicking on the links that send you back or ahead a chapter. Having said that, have you thought about adding a feature where you can use the arrow keys on a keyboard to move between chapters? I don’t know how feasible that actually is for something that isn’t a web-comic (especially since I don’t know who created your website and how), but I think it would be kinda neat to be able to just tap a key to keep reading!

    Meanwhile, I’ll just have to deal with finding where I left the mouse when I start reading each chapter!

    • Hi Hannah.

      I’m not a site designer – I use a setup provided by WordPress, which comes with everything in place, and some basic customization options. If and when I do get someone on board to do some proper site design that doesn’t force me to work with WordPress, I’ll bring that up. I like it when reading stuff online, myself.

  16. Okay, so I came to read worm about 3 months before the end of the final arc. I have to say, it’s one of my all time favourite things to read! I really really hope you do write a sequel/ continuance as I am always left wanting more of Taylor’s story (in a good way!).
    If you do end up publishing I would happily pay through the nose to own physical copies of this wonderful story!
    Piscine out (LOVE Imp!)

  17. …This is a very good story. Dark, as you warned us, but very good.

    It should be Movies. I would pay MONEY for it to be movies.

    In a just world, it WOULD be movies, and it would be blowing the Avengers movies out of the water. (And I LOVE the Avengers movies)

    I would buy it as Books, too. Actual paper books.

  18. I’ll buy it all when you produce your ebook version.

    I read your web version non stop until I finished.


  19. Neh.. do this had a ebook of this? because I would like to recommend it to someone who can turn it too ebook.

    • I wrote a script to generate an ePub from this WordPress site and posted, offering to share it. Author never approved the post, so I’m guessing they have some sort of publishing deal in the works.

  20. I’ve never posted on this before, and I know that the chances of you reading this are low, but I feel like I need to say it anyway. Thank you. Worm has been one of the most enjoyable and inspirational novels (OK, web serials) that I’ve ever read, and probably the most influential on me creatively. I just wanted to thank you for letting me experience it.

    • It was an enjoyable write. Thanks for being a reader, Bryn. I hope you do create something – I know that if you like the sort of thing I write, then you probably like the same sorts of things I do, and that means there’s a good chance I’d enjoy what you make.

  21. In the about page, it mentions that you intend to put out Worm in print. Is there any way we could get even a vague idea of when it would be available for purchase? Worm is one of my favorite novels, and it makes me really sad that I’m one of 2 people I know that have read it. I’ve tried giving them a link to the story, but most of my friends just don’t like reading on a device, they would prefer the physical book, and I want a copy to lend out to my friends so that they will love it as much as I do.

    • I prepared a “clean” version of Worm, which it would be possible to print. Yeah, I would buy it if you would sell it, meanwhile I wanted to read it without all the wordpress guff around it.

  22. Have to say, when my friend told me about this, I was immediately drawn to the idea of the political aspect of the ‘super heroes.’ I am very excited to start reading. I’ve been in need of a way to pass the time on slow days at work.

  23. Just finished WORM, my head is going so many miles an hour now on just trying to process it all.

    You did such a wonderful job on this story, i couldn’t help but read it non stop, on my way to work, on breaks,heading back home AND even reading it while doing other things.

    I feel that each character was done very well, i could close my eyes and picture them all, from appearances, to how they interact with each other to even the fighting, the gore…all of it.

    I am going to start on the other stories you have done, consider me a fan, an addicted fan?

  24. Honestly the best story I have ever read. Probably the best part is the entire world and lore surrounding Worm, and the amazing things that can happen if one event went slightly different. I want to buy it all.

    • The author’s been working on editing and polishing it while writing Twig. No specific dates yet (that I’ve seen), but it sounds like we will be seeing a published version at some point.

  25. Read Worm a while ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but didn’t realise that it was ‘genius’ until Scions’ backstory. Great stuff.

  26. The tailor is stitching man as the creator waited patiently. The arcs of life spins on the silk threads and gathers at the core for PA as the donations of life pulls from the Uni verse to divide at the center.

  27. Hi.
    I’m a Korean publisher. I leave my first messge here because I couldn’t find any other contact details of you.
    I’m interested in publishing (posting) the translations of your web fictions.
    Web serials are becoming more and more popular and lucrative in South Korea today.
    I hope you find this messge soon and contact us to discuss further.
    Thank you.

  28. I’m enjoying this story a great deal, I’m currently on Queen. I would like to say that I would have an easier time reading the story in epub form. Do you have any updates on the time-frame for that? I’d be happy to pay a typical price for the story as it stands now. I see that you have expressed some desire to refine it some, but given the amount of time since the story ended this is starting to seem like – “oh maybe, someday…” In my opinion, you’d be close to the top of the self-published lists on Amazon immediately, and you could even keep the serial format in Arc rather that page form. Plus of course, a decent influx of cash of course.

    • I am pretty sure Wildbow said it’d take two years of work, at the very least, to put Worm in publishing shape. Since he’s doing it while writing, first Pact then Twig, I’d say it’s taking an appropriate amount of time. Worm *is* quite big, after all.

      • Well sure, and I don’t mean to sound as ungrateful that there is an opportunity to read it for free. It’s my favorite fiction of the last couple years. I’m just saying I’d be more than willing to pay for an easier format, and I think lots of others would be too. That and we are well past two years and closing in on 4. 🙂

        • I “scraped” the blog a while ago and extracted the text of Worm so that I could read it comfortably. For what it’s worth, I think the story is fine as it is and does not require editing. I’d be happy to provide the extracted text to the author or a reader.

  29. I am on my third read through (up to the time skip) and it continues to amaze me how well this was written and planned out from the start.

    Side note – Mrs Yamada is my favorite character and adds a level of insight and perspective to the world that you don’t normally get in these types of fantasy realms.

    I am eagerly awaiting a graphic novel/ animated show but will spend all my time until then recommending you to everyone I know

  30. I’ve grown up reading books. Hundreds and thousands, I’m sure.
    This is by far the best. I cried when it ended because I wanted more. I’ve read and reread it four or five times.

    • It is pretty great, yeah. I’d say Twig is better, writing-wise, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it – by Arc 10, there’s been a Freudian bodystealer monster and two interrupted-before-they-‘actually’-start sex scenes.

      I’d recommend the first Mistborn book, the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, the Erfworld webcomic (although maybe not Book 0, since I haven’t read it), Schlock Mercenary: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse, most of Girl Genius, and the entirety of Granite Flats as things I have enjoyed to a roughly-equal-or-greater degree. (The rest of Schlock Mercenary isn’t bad, either.)

      With more reservations, I’d recommend the incomplete Pokemon fanfic called The Game of Champions, the incomplete [PROTOTYPE]/Zero no Tsukaima fanfic called Unfamiliar, and the often-but-not-always-brilliant Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (which is complete). I also enjoyed the webcomics titled A Miracle of Science and A Magical Roommate, which have no particular relation aside from limited art and a relatively lighthearted tone. Oh, and Ow, My Sanity was pretty good before it went on indefinite hiatus.

  31. Boring technical question here… how and where did you get the theme for this page? The table of contents and the simple yet perfect navigation? I’ve been dealing with WordPress and they have been, ah, less than helpful.

  32. Hey all, especially you Wildbow!

    Earlier in the year – 8 weeks ago now, my friend introduced me to Worm. At first I wasn’t sure, but boy was I wrong. This is excellent in my less then professional but no less enthusiastic opinion. I see all these people on here talking about buying it for ease of reading or whatever, but I’d buy it just to support your work.

    Is there something wrong with me for actually understanding on a personal level most of these characters? Including people like Jack Slash?

  33. I love the concept of Eidolon. Not so much him as a person or character, but rather his powers. I don’t want to copy you in anyway but I would appreciate if you could help me come up with a character with similar powers. Thank you

  34. After a quick google search of ‘which POV to use when writing fiction’ I was directed to this website as an example of using 3rd person narrative used to quite astonishing effect. I am incredibly blown away by the complexities of the universe that has been created, the already seemingly infinite range of powers, and the concept as a whole. I have never considered the web serial approach to writing seriously, having only ever really seen it as part of some (brilliant) pieces of fan-fiction. Worm makes me reconsider the ways of sharing works of fiction, and I am look forward to following this story to the end and watching it grow. After reaching 2.2 in my first evening I will be reading on to find out exactly what happens next…just as soon as I finish work first. =)

  35. Finished reading and finally had enough time to cook my thoughts about Worm. You’ve really got something special here. It might be rough around the edges but it’s a pleasure to read from start to finish! I’m a little late to the party, having discovered this gem in 2017 but I’m glad I did. Regardless of the ups and downs there’s a real value here to your myriad of unabashed styles that I adore. Each swap to characters in interludes, every minute detail that was hinted and elaborated on later really pulled it together.

    Thank you. I feel better for having caught a late ride and thoroughly enjoying it!

  36. Wildbow your web serial is better than most authors than i read on print. If I could I would format the book and sell it and send all the money to you that’s how much I like the book that’s how much I respect you for the wonders you make

  37. I burned through this, in its entirety, in a week. I did this because I could not, for any reason, put it down. I lost school hours because of this. And honestly, a month and a half after processing everything, I still don’t know whether I should curse or thank you for what you’ve done.

    In all seriousness, this is the best superhumans story I have read in thirty two years of my life. I wish I could convince everyone I know to read it, to love it, to weep at all the turns as much as I do. Thank you for doing this. Just. Thank you. It is rough, and human, and raw, and I will probably love it and rave about it until my dying day.

  38. Loved this story. Not real clear what happens at the end because of one epilogue chapter, but wondering when this sequel is going to start getting written, not to be demanding or anything but wow am I impatient. Loved the characters btw.

    Anyway, reading this, and someone else’s story called “Unsong” motivated me to just start writing a story based upon a loose, long-term framework, stream of consciousness style. Thanks for that. Still trying to figure out wordpress settings myself. Took me about a week of pulling all nighters three days at a time to read this, totally worth it.

  39. I came here from a recommendation I read while research about POV’s. I’m glad I found your blog. It looks like there is much to learn from your writing here. ^_^

  40. Dear Wildbow,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing and wonderful web serial book that wrote. The writing editing was so well done and kept me coming back for more.

    What I found so interesting is how realistic everything was to me and how you really did not hold back. I could really relate to the characters and found your imagination, so full of ideas and characters, entrancing.I was also truly astounded at the dedication put into this project.

    I want to let you and all the narrators know that what you created kept me sane at work transported my imagination to new worlds, made me cry, and made me laugh so hard that my face hurt. It truly was a great book experience and I felt that you should know, even if this may never be seen it would leave me feeling guilty not to show my appreciation for this site and it’s text. Thank you.



  41. Wildbow, i would just like to take a minute to congratulate you.

    First, on finishing twig, a great story that has kept me constantly waiting for more over the last couple of years.

    Secondly, on your ability to frame distinct personalities for your characters. Your interlude chapters are some of the best pieces of writing i have ever read, and the way you inject a chapter from another perspective, and a truely different, unique personality, always makes reading your works a lot of fun. Taylor (bug) and Helens’ have been my favourites. I’m a sucker for those extreme shifts/contrast.

    When i I think of authors who really excel at certain aspects of their narative, for me, Branden Sanderson stands out as the person who can design and weave “systems” – magical especially – and i feel you are up there with character modelling

    Thank you for your efforts, and i cant wait to see what happens in worm 2.

  42. Audiobook, this book would be perfect for it. Made all the difference to the Drew Hayes web serie – be careful with the reader cos it makes all the difference. If you need the names of some good ones send me an email.

  43. I finished a year and something ago, after several months of interrupted reading. I wanted to thank you for this, as it helped me get through a hard time. I get on the nerves of nearly every person able to comprehend english i know to read this. Looking forward to the (e)Book, if this is still a Plan.

    Again, i can’t stress it enough, thank you for sharing the stories of your characters with us.

  44. I absolutely loved Worm.
    Superhero literature is not something that I’ve come across very often, and I think this story highlights the strengths of the genre.
    I’d place you up there with Brandon Sanderson and Steven Erikson, in regards to how much work you put into your magic systems and character depth.
    Bitch is an awesome character who deserves her own stories, and I always looked forward to her interactions with others.

    That said, I have to say that I found the repeated use of the word ‘anyways’ to be almost grating enough to make me quit reading.
    When young, rough characters like Bitch or Imp use anyways rather than anyway, it’s one thing (if Imp knew it bothered someone, she’d make a point to use it!), but when refined, knowledgeable folks like Doctor or Marquis do, it feels jarring and ill-suited, to me.

    It seems petty to complain about,I suppose, but it happens to be a word you use an awful lot in Worm.

    If this series ever comes out in hardback, it will receive a place of honor on my shelves.

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    a terrificc site.

  46. What bothers me, is the author has created a group in the story called the Yangban. They are a group based out of China, but the word is not actually Chinese. It’s a Korean word. The Yangban were a group of Korean elites, essentially the Korean Scholar Aristocracy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this oversight still bugs me.

  47. This is the first Web Serial I’ve ever read. Part of the reason I love it so much is that it was the first from a new (for me) medium for reading a story. Most of the reason I love it though is that it’s a really truly great story and very well written. Wildbow did an amazing job on this.

  48. Haven’t even finished work yet and I’m so excited to buy it in print! (Probabaly hardcover bc I have a tendency to love my books to death)

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  49. Hello, I really loved your story. Especially the setting. Can you give an advise to me as an author? How long did it get you to make the web serial popular? Did all the people who came to read your blog read it till the end?

    Most people drop after reading my first chapter. I just wanna know if it was common for you too.

  50. Hi, read Worm, up to date with Ward, Loving it all.

    Question: Has anyone previously made a correlation between Scion and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafting ?

    There seems to be a lot of similarities in what Scions original plan was meant to be and how grafting plants/trees works, I mean ‘Scion’ is even a term used in grafting…

  51. The TL;DR version: Intricate story, fascinating characters, grim and heavy atmosphere, heavy subject with a satisfying if not perfect conclusion.

    Magnificent work, John!

    Long(ish) version:

    Came across your serial back when you’d first started. Fell of the wagon around the end of arc 11, iirc (school, real life etc.). Picked up the story again back in April, and finished it around August, a few weeks ago, but I’d held off on reading the epilogue till last week. So I was actually walking around with the thought that Contessa had in fact ended everything (trying to avoid spoilers here). And I was sad, yet at the same time felt it fitting. Imagine my surprise then after reading the epilogue.

    But I digress.

    Taylor is such a fascinating character. Not interesting, but fascinating. I can’t help but dislike her for certain actions/choices, yet I also can’t help but admire her for those same choices. She also acknowledges how much of a hypocrite she’d become at the end, yet I feel the same can be said about everyone else. Looking at society, looking at everyone, the division, the pigheadedness, the greed, I imagine I’d make the same choices as her if something like this ever occured.

    I’ve read many stories, and Worm has made a place for itself near the top.

  52. Overlord Wildbow, how does the Protectorate or PRT test for Parahumans? Do they use a machine or use someone, or what? I’m trying to write a fanfic and I want to have it as accurate as possible. Thanks.

  53. i just finished reading your novel, and i have to say that its the best web novel i have ever read, but i have to ask, are we ever going to see taylor again,or has she found her peace forever?

  54. Hey, Wildbow the link to special people seems to be broken. It could just be my computer but I’m not sure. Thanks for the Amazingly wonderful story you have created. It is GLORIOUS and I appreciate the time and effort you must have put into creating this masterpiece of modern literature. I have been a long time fan of everything cape related and this story was a reminder of how much I love the whole genre. Can’t wait for a sequel. Thanks for the fun times.

  55. Hello,
    I am an up coming artist. So i would like to know how to create my work. Like write stories or create comic books. But pay my bills..

  56. I’m a hack-level fanfiction writer who tumbled on your series by accident. I agree with the prevailing consensus that Worm is grim and dark. As I read it, I can’t help but wonder if the planet, not to mention humanity, is even going to survive.

    That definitely makes your story and the Worm-verse interesting, even if I don’t feel that inspired to tarry there as much as I once did to stay in Pournelle’s Co Dominium or the Honor-verse.

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